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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

(Lies you've told)

Time:1:29 pm.
updating to keep this. yeah.

Monday, January 24th, 2005

(Lies you've told)

Time:10:17 am.
the memeories

Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

(Lies you've told)

Time:6:53 pm.
i so wanna keep this <333

Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

(Lies you've told)

Time:7:27 pm.
i wanna keep this

Sunday, November 23rd, 2003

(1 Number of lies | Lies you've told)

Time:10:42 am.
Name] Sarah
Do you like it] its okay, ray.
Nicknames] Trish, Trishy, Sarah-Lynn, Mrs.Lang, Sugar pants, Sah
Age] 15
Birthday] July 14th
Sign] Cancer
School] Saints [SRA]!
Status] Taken - 14 months
Crush] BRYAN <333 always.
Virgin] Nope
Natural hair color] Dirty blonde
Current hair color] Dirty blonde - never dyed my hair
Eye color] Blue/grey
Height] 5'7
Bra size] 34/36 C - depends what kind of bra. my favorite = loveable. <333

[ family ]

Parents] Renee and Rob
Siblings] Sister; nat[23]. Brothers; Bobby[16]-Harley[15]-Alex[11]
Live with]My and step dad and alex

[ favorites ]

Number] 3- Brys hockey number!!!
Color]Pink, black,purple, rainbow
Day] Friday
Month] October
Song] Anywhere with you - Saves the day
Movie] ELF!!!! Finding nemo, monsters inc, Lilo and stitch <333 watched em all with bry tooooo!!!
Food] Kfc ;D
Band] Saves the day, Bright eyes, Taking back sunday, Rufio, etc.
Season] Fall
Sport] Cheerleading <3
Class] I lyke english
Teacher] Mr. pierce
Drink] Ice-t
Veggie] uhhh
TV Show] Roseann lol ITS CUTE!!!
Radio Station] I dont listen to the radio
Store] Forever 21, Pac. Sun, Delias, Rave, CR- all that good stuff
Word] Mayn, homes, fool
Animal] Bunny
Flower] Roses
State] Rhode Island


of times i have had my heart broken] Well then...
of hearts i have broken] 2 or 3. im sorry guys
of girls i have kissed] ;X
of continents i have lived in] Just here
of tight friends] Letme see;; Hannah,Val,Al(online) andddd Dereck, Marc,Gigi,Brina, Kayla, Drine, Liz, Andy, Chris, Bianca, Manda, Kaitlyn, Cory, Katie <3333
of cd's that i own] nope
of scars on my body] cutting ones. thats it. all at the bottom on my feet. I dont cut my wrists.. im not looking for attention, i cut myself on the lower part.. so i can feel and no one can see.

[ this or that ]

Me/You] always you
Coke/pepsi] Pepsi
Day/night] Niiteeee ;D
Aol/aim] AIM
Cd/cassette] neither
Dvd/vhs] Vhs
Jeans/khakis] Jeans
Car/truck] Bryans gettin a truck, so i pick that. MORE RO0M too ;) you know theres going to be alot of sex in that truck hahaha
Tall/short] Tall
Lunch/dinner] Dinnerrr
NSYNC/BSB] neither.
Britney/Christina] neither
Gap/Old Navy] oLD navy
Lipstick/Lipgloss] Lipgloss
Silver/Gold] Silver
Alcohol/Weed] neither

[who do you want to...]

[ Kill ] Aw no one
[ Slap ] Linsey
[ Get Really Wasted With ] Hannah!! lmfao and kay+liz
[ Get High With ] Liz,Prince,Kristie, and rob
[ Look Like ] Myself.
[ Talk To Offline ] everyone i talk to online i talk to offline as well. i only have 3 really good online friends. Hannah(met from gold) And al+val met from fod
[ Talk To Online ] uhh
[my name is]: HOLLAAAA
[in the morning I am]: perky
[all I need is]: Bryan <3333 and HANNAH
[love is]: what everyone wants.
[I’m afraid of]: Losing Bryan mainly
[i dream about]: me. touching. you. nasty.

[ love and relationships ]

Do you have a bf/gf] yes. October 10th 2002. Bryan Ward Lang
Do you have a crush] look up silly billy
how long have you liked him/her] 1 year and 3 months
Why do you like this person] Hes everything to me.. hes my best friend.. my boyfriend, hes grown on me. i got it bad
If you're single... why are you single] fuck you
If you're not single... give details...] about? Were in love. how hard is that? Sure we fight, just as much as we talk. but thats us. and i wouldnt change that ever
How long was your longest relationship] 3 years[on and off] Dustin French, 2 years [on and off] Dennis Costagne, and now Bryan 14 months
How long was your shortest relationship] hmm.. hours maybe?
Who was your first love] Dustin French
What do you miss about them] Him in general. He left me. and recently wanted me back. things are always weird

[ the past ]

What is the one thing you would change about your past] Nothing. everything happens for a reason
Last thing you heard] The shower running
Last thing you saw] the screen
Last thing you said] BUNNY!! i love you
Who is the last person you saw] My brother
Who is the last person you kissed] Bryan Lang.
Who is the last person you hugged] My momma dukes
Who is the last person you fought with] Bryan
Who is the last person you were on the phone with] Tiff
What is the last TV show you saw] Roseann last night at 11/11:30
What is the last song you heard] Bandages - hot hot heat. tiff sang it to me

[ the present ]

What are you wearing] im in Towel. lmfao just got outta the shower
What are you doing] sitting.
Who are you talking to] uh myself.
What song are you listening to] none
Where are you] in my room
Are you online] no. not really.
How are you feeling]i dont know. im tired
[ future ]

What are you going to do after this] Going to my brothers birthday party. oh joy
Who are you going to talk to] Bryan. when i get home. i miss him
Where are you going to go] Bryans house
How old will you be when you graduate] 17
What do you wanna be] Staceys mom
Where will you be in 25 years] touching myself
[ have you ever ]

Drank] yes
Smoked] yes
Had sex] yes
Stolen] yes
Done anything illegal] yes
Wanted to die] oh god.
Hit someone] uh huh

[ other ]

Do you write in cursive or print] print
Are you a lefty or a righty] right
What is your sexual preference] Guys. mostly
What piercings do you have] 2 in each ear, and my belly button.
tattoos] nah
Do you drive] only 15
Do you have glasses or braces] i have glasses. there cute and black
Did you like this survey] not really

[ physical appearance ]

What do you most like about your body] My shape. it fits me.
And least] my weight. im under weight. and yeah. everyone thinks im "sick". but im not. stupid meds.
How many fillings do you have] two
Do you think you're good looking] hmm.. noo?
Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking] yes. but what do they know?
Do you look like any celebrities] not really. i have my own look.
[ fashion ]

Do you wear a watch] nah
How many coats and jackets do you own] one black one. 4 hoodies. 2 sweaters.
Favorite pants/skirt color] i lyke pink/brown shirts and blue jeans
Most expensive item of clothing] lmfao probably the naughty alfit bry bought me at victoria secret.
Most treasured] my pink furry sweater. im so in love with it
What kind of shoes do you wear] I have vans. chucks. e's, v's. etc.
Describe your style in one word] Fab

Name: Sarah
Current Location: Pawtucket Ri
Eye Color: BLue
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Height: 5'7
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your heritage: French - irish
The shoes you wore today: my cow slippers
Your weakness: Bryan
Your fears: almsot everything
Goal you'd like to achieve: going to college

Your most overused phrase: oh my
Your thoughts first waking up: Gotta call bryan
Your best physical feature: My shape. i really developed over time, and im glad.
Your bedtime: whenever i pass out

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
McDonalds or Burger King: Mcdonalds
Single or group dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee

Smoke: lol i did yesterday and confessed my undyeing love to bryan.
Cuss: not really
Sing: every day mayn
Take a shower everyday: in the morning and at night
Do you think you've been in love: i belive i am now
Excited to go to college or university?: yesss
Like high school: its darling
Want to get married: sure. why not. i want a ring. pretty.
Believe in yourself: HA!
Get motion sickness: sure do
Think you're attractive: thats funny
Think you're a health freak: lmfao no.
Get along with your parent[s]: sure
Like thunderstorms: no
Play an instrument: guitar once in awhile

eLEVEL SIX: In the past month...
Drank alcohol: no
Smoked: yes
Gone on a date: yes
Gone to the mall?: yes
Gotten mail?: lmfao report card
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: ew
Eaten sushi: EWW
Been on stage: Yup
Been dumped: no
Gone skating: with alex
Made homemade cookies: uu huh
Gone skinny dipping: damn. no
Dyed your hair: will never do that
Stolen anything: no

Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: oh god.
Been caught "doing something": lmfao a couple of times by my brother. thats it
Gotten beaten up: oh please. everyone thinks im to nice and to perfect to be faughten with
Changed who you were to fit in: i could care less

Age you hope to be married: uhh
Numbers and Names of Children: Lyric, Hannah, Claire, guys;; Conner, Bryan, Drew
Describe your dream wedding: naked.
How do you want to die: flying
Where you want to go to college/university?: CCRI lmfao
What do you want to be when you grow up: staceys mom.
What country would you most like to visit: uhh

LEVEL NINE: In a guy/girl...
Best eye color?: Hazel
Best hair color?: Auburn
Short or long hair: shaggy hair
Height: tall
Best weight: im not into bulit guys.
Best articles of clothing: nothing
Best first date location: haunted tunel ;D
Best first kiss location: in bryans yard <33333

Monday, September 29th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:4:37 pm.
mayn rob is such an asshole, look::

For Him I Fall: sxe ;-)
HaRoRhYdEr: what?
For Him I Fall: heh
HaRoRhYdEr: sex?
HaRoRhYdEr: with me?
HaRoRhYdEr: lol
For Him I Fall: noo wif bryan so ha!! heh j/k
HaRoRhYdEr: eh i dont wanna hear about that
For Him I Fall: lol fiine
HaRoRhYdEr: your sexual encounters aren't intresting
For Him I Fall: why not baby?? lol
HaRoRhYdEr: you getting fucked is really not that appealing to me.
HaRoRhYdEr: hope ya get preg.
For Him I Fall: thats not nice
For Him I Fall: i was only kidding around you asshole ;)
HaRoRhYdEr: im the asshole? okay
For Him I Fall: i was joking around and you hope i get preg?
For Him I Fall: atleast i can get some ;D
HaRoRhYdEr: whas that supposed to me?
HaRoRhYdEr: is different with a guy. i mean if you wanna go give it up to any guy im sure they will let you. a guy actually has to try
For Him I Fall: i didnt just give it up to any guy, i'v been with bryan for a year
HaRoRhYdEr: and?
For Him I Fall: and what? so you cant get fucked so thats my problem?
HaRoRhYdEr: where in the fucking convo. did i say that?
HaRoRhYdEr: you dont know jack shit about me so fuck off
HaRoRhYdEr signed off at 4:35:02 PM.

fucking loser. i was just joking around he says he hopes i get pregnant. hes so niice. er fucking er

Saturday, September 13th, 2003

(1 Number of lies | Lies you've told)

Subject:get low get low, lmao
Time:4:55 pm.
oh mayn today was great so far, me and tiff went to the woonsocket vs. tolman football game, lmao i wanted tolman to win personally since thats the school my behbi goes to :) heh and ofcourse they won, there was alot of cuties there, a bunch were scopin me and tiff out i was lyke oh yeah were cool lmao tiff lykes this really hott football jock name adam well they made an announcement that he got tackled well tiff had no idea what they said but she heard his name and she all looked at me and was smiling and nodding and clapping, i was lyke hunny, he just got tackled, hes on the ground lmfao we started laughing soo hard. it was great. he was effin hott tho mayn, alot of hott guys there. there was a kid that looked exactly lyke my baby bry, i was lyke oh my! HIIIIII! lmao but uhh then we walked homee and sang. oh wo0p. OH and guess who left me a voice message? DERECK! i havent talked to him in lyke two days i was lyke grr. but i got his message and hes all lyke, yeah i'v been grounded and tiff gave him my notes i wrote him heh he even said he missed i felt all special. then andy and joe left me a message, lmao there crazy
Summer online oh mayn i dont think i told you guys the story of what her boyfriend said, lmao look bryan wanted to ask aj about summer cheatin on him
Bryan :: Hey aj i need to ask you something about summer
Aj :: NO! shes not pregnant shes just gettin chunky!
Bryan :: Dude what are you talking about? I was just gonna ask about her and donnie

lmfao even her own boyfriend thinks shes a fat ass. shes the one that was writting mean things in my g-book the fat bitch :) heh

but im goneee

Wednesday, September 10th, 2003

(2 Number of liess | Lies you've told)

Time:9:34 am.
iam in school;*
oh yeah but letme see what i should write about. School sucks. i hate my homeroom, i have my history, and i hate hate hate my math. its with seniors! i get so nervous man. ahh. gr >.< i hate it. but other than that its not that that bad. i mean atleast i get to see alot of my friends. i have no new friends yet. go figure. there gay here anyway </3 whatever todays me and bryans 11 month anni. wow. we'v been having alot of problems lately but were doin alot better and im actually really happy right now. we both have been keeping busy and such which is good. i love him. Letme see, since my computers dead i have to always talk on the phone. i dislyke that but whatever. i call hannah everyday after school, i love that girl, she should be comin down soon, in lyke 3 months-4months <3 woop woop. but her and sydni have been lyke fighting AGAIN lately. wow. im gettin really mad about that cause 1) HANNAH HAS LYKED ROB FOR LYKE EVER! and since sydni knew she started talking about him all the time in her journal, which really hurt hannah. since this happened b4 with sydnis new b/f rich. well im sorry but thats messed up mayn. i lyke sydni alot shes a cool girl but i dont approve of anything she does, or her fake pix( or so i heard) but whatever. im happy that shes happy with rich :) i wanna know what happened with andy!!!! :) :) but back to hannah, shes so sick, i feel so bad, my poor girl mayn <3 <3 <3 and now with tiff. i dont even know anymore, i love her, but i'v been getting really mad at her lately, it seems lyke shes ditching me for worthless people who are using her anyway! grr. :( makes me wicked sad. but whatever oh and with dereck! mayn that kid calls me everyday now! hes so so so coool. <3 i lyke him alot. not lyke that.. i think. and if i do its not THAT much. hes just became a wicked good friend. i wanna take some pictures of him soon, so i can show you guys how sexy he is <3 but lasdt time we took some they deleted! so i hope i might see him this weekend so that i can take some. and to ym computer, pat said he might not fix it till a frickin month. oh thats great. im goonna call my grama gramies after school so i can go to her house, i miss her, and i need to type a report for english anyway. gah. i cant think of what else to say? hmm..

Sunday, September 7th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:12:10 pm.
i hate ljs new style. im so lost. whatever. im at tiffs. since no ones fixing my computer or even trying. fuckin bitches

Sunday, August 31st, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:7:06 pm.
my computers dead. </3 rip my sexy computer but im at tiffs - - heh. yay

Wednesday, August 27th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:1:01 pm.
Well now im gonna start writing in three journal. whoa now. so dont expect TOO many updates now. but im still going to try ofcourse anyway lets update this thing
Okay where do i start? I slept over Kays house on Saturday for her party. man i was so nervous cause i was the only girl there that wasnt a prep so i was lyke mmm great. Well so pat droped me off there around 8:15, and Sarah and Deanna were there. Sarah came up to me and hugged me <3 aw i missed her. and i said hi to deanna and such. Then Kayla came home and such and we were all looking at pictures and talking and everything. And i was getting comfortable finally, but then Lauren, Betsy and Amanda came. Aww i loovee Lauren! shes so so so sweet. I was so glad she was there. She was lyke SARAH SHEATS! i was lyke ahh LAAAAUURREENN. heh i misssseedddd herrr. but so we all decided to go out to eat. I started talking to Deanna and Sarah more, and lyke kayla and lauren would talk, then betsy and amanda. so we all had our little clics? except for me. I wish she would of invited sabrina or liz or something! for me. but it only got better. We ate at papa ginos were kayla works and such.. mmmhmm good pizza. then we walk outside and these guys try talking to us. ew. ok. whatever. lol one was cute. but i was lyke nahh i'll pass. then we had kaylas mom come pick us up. And we all talked and made alot of phrank phone calls. fun fun. We called bryan, lmfao call is such a nerd. it was funny man, they we'd call a guy and such and be lyke HEY BABY come and see us on slater park av! and then they'd come. the first time. we snuck out there. but then i was lyke nah this sis dumb. so i went back upstairs and i talked to Amanda, Betsy and Lauren. <3 i was really glad i did cause we ddint really talk at first and we finally got to know each other and such. it was so much fun, lmao then Betsy took out her pot, and kayla got the booz. i didnt do anything. lol i was the only girls. but i have morals and such. and i was laready mad at bryan because i called him earlier and he claimed to be drunk. after 4 mikes. okay? well i had 7 mikes b4, and thats when i just started feeling something. and he has more body weight? so it doesnt make any sense. lmao i was lyke OKAY LOSER KEEP FAKING. lol then he acted lyke all normal when itold him i thought we was faking, lol he shut up. but yeah so i didnt drink or anything. just to prove i dont have to get even with my boyfriend <3 hhhaaahhh. but everyone was stoned. it was wicked funny. they were laughing over nothing. good times. then kayla started freaking out, so everyone else did. her room smelt badly of perfum. gah. but then we all just laughed and layed around and got ready for bed,adn all talked. it was so much fun myan. good times. we poped in save the last dance in the vcr and fell asleep around 4. And they were all up at 9! and i was still trying to sleep, i was lyke GRR!go back to bed whores lmfao i was so mad. but i eventually got up. i was so tired man. but i DID get up. I said bye to everyone cause kaylas mommy was taking me home. Aww they were all lyke Aww nice meeting you, your so sweet! and such,. i was lyke YAY! :) then i came home. layed down. Bryan came over. we cuddled. and he gave me a great message. ahh. oo. very nice O.o
Then he left, and i took a nap, and slept till around 5. I woke up got online and bry was on. He said he'd call me back in a half an hour. Yeah that never happened. He didnt call at all. hecame online at 7:40! at matts house. i was lyke wtf? so yeah. then matt and nick decided to be assholes and im dereck saying there gonna beat him up and stuff. And i was already talking to dereck and derecks lyke your boyfriends dead. i was lyke huh? And he showed me and i was lyke omfg! So im'd bryan and i thought it was him who was yelling at dereck so i told him to stop. and matts lyke this isnt bryn. and im lyke whoever it is needs to mind there business. and matts lyke shut up. and that pissed me off. and bryan did noting to help me or anything. I was so mad. its almost been a month layter and his friends decided to im dereck NOW? after me and bryan are happy again and everything? i was so mad. so mike im'd me and he was wicked upset cause kasey dumped him, which i think there back together now, but well so we met up and we hung out in the park, and i put my head on his lap and just wanted to cry, i was lyke mikey im so sad! :( we both teard up. but we talked it all through and everything. <3 i love mikey. hes such a good kid. very sexy to. lmao yum. but anyway. so i came back home and i noticed i had some miss calls. from bry. i didnt bother to call him back, i heard him talking to my momso i ran outside and yelled at him so bad. i felt bad but i was so pissed off man. then he comes online and we fight for lyke hours and hours about crap. it was soo lame. then his friends try goin on his sn again, well when they got on, lmfao i said something mean about matt and he got pissed off. oh well. but then me and bryan sorta fixed it and such. Well the next day bry had to go to Block island. So i decided to sleep over tiffs. Brandi, tiff, and steve yes steve! picked me up. Ahh when i saw steve i got so happy! I ran to his arms and screamed STEVEEEE :) oh yay. heh steve is a gay guy lolthat i knew lyke my whole life. ah i love him, hes so full of sexyness. but so we get in the car and we talk and such. and steve saw my stitch purse and he did the voice of stitch!! ahhh!! he sounds just lyke stitchy. i was lyke aww. so he put my stitch purse out the window and lyke moved his head around and screamed words stitch would say, it was soo funny. Then we went to his house and he sung to me and tiff aww so sweet. Then he sung to brandi. aww very cute. lmao so me and tiff decided to sing for him. im and awful singer man, lol believe me.but i tried, it was so cute, we sat on his lap and sung to him, hes lyke YOU GUYS ARE GONNA BRING OUT THE STRAIGHT IN ME! lmfao hes so cute i love him. but then we left and are car over heated on the high way, lmao so we danced along the roads saying stupid yet funny stuff. lmao cars would beep and honk and wave. it was soo funny. then it was all fixed and we got to tiffs. and then i put my stuff inside and we decided to go to shaws, i hate shaws. i lyke stop and stop!!!! but we go in shaws and we decided to act lyke lesbians. so we held hands and put lmao lyke 7 boxes of condoms in our carriage and stuff and EVERYONE was staring it was so funny. Then we saw this wicked hott guy and hes lyke " i lyke seeing that, well maybe cause my sissters gay" lmao then we showed him our carriage and hes lyke "whoa you guys are gonna be having some fun tonight" lmfao aww!!! he was so cute. then we decided to go to ajwright and we put ties on and underwear on our heads, lmfao some lady was lyke I JUST WANNA SMACK THOSE GIRLS we were lyke OKAY BITCH. then we hung outside and this SAME car kept driving by. and the guy would put his head ALL the way out the window and stare. we were so scared. well we saw he was ccomig again so we put our legs over each other and lmao held hands and we looked and drove away and never came back, lmfao! we were laughing so hard. then we get in the car, and we had to go to stop and shop. that wasnt as fun as usual, so we sat outside. and some lady told me i looked lyke this model she used to photograph, well i was on the phone at the time so i didnt pay attention. i was lyke I DONT CARE! well it was bryan on the phone he calls me up and hes lyke "WAS DERECK AT YOUR HOUSE TODAY?! i was lyke no who said that? and hes lyke matt and nick said that they saw dereck at your house and they went and beat him up. im lyke NO! i'v been with tiff all day. hes lyke okay. i was lyke do you believe me, hes lyke yeah i do. then hes lyke well are you sure he wasnt there? i was lyke WTF? you just said you believed me! fuck this. so i hung up. and then i called him back at tiffs and hes lyke i dont know who to believe and blah blah blah. well i imd his friends and they were being such assholes. i started crying and everything. they finally told the truth and i was so mad at bryan still cause he SHOULD of beleived me. and we faught till about 3 in the morning. I fianlly called him at 4. and we made up =/ so many problems mayn. well theni call him when i wake up the next morning and hes lyke nick and matt are mad at me! im lyke WHAT THE FUCKS THERE PROBLEM NOW? i mean gr they can never butt out can they? there so lame. i swear i hate them.
but bryan was lyke i told nicks sister alex and she told the mom and the mom told them to butt out and yelled at them. im lyke good they deserve it. well then there lyke were just joking were not mad. fucking faggots. there so lame. well then so me and tiff go to wal mart, we found turtle wax, and sat on spider mans lap, lmao and took pictures. but they deleted. fuck shit poo. but then we took more. and they brough me home. Bryan walked me to work. i left work early. came home, took a shower, went to bryans. go rug burn. came home. sat online till 3, went to bed. now here i am. lmao sorry i made that all fast, its just i gotta go start my summer reading. i have to read 3, 300 page books. grr b4 tuesday. oh yeah. bummer. but i do have school tomorrow, just tomorrow tho. :) but im gonna go

Monday, August 25th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:12:33 pm.
new icon :) kendra made it

Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:8:13 am.
its 8:13. i havent woke up this early in forever. but yeah. i got my period last night. man im in so much pain. its really bad. i cant even walk straight. and i didnt even sleep last night, i just layed there, and basically cried. it hurt lyke a bitch. so i got up at about 7:50 and went in my moms room and tried sleeping there. no such luck. so i got up and i was lyke fuck it. im just gonna stay up. i have work tonight and everything, lets see how this goes. im gonna be hurting, and i know i'll be grumpy. and bryans coming home. oh poo

Monday, August 18th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:1:11 am.
Well today wasnt that bad. lmao me and tiff got up around 3! lmao i watched blue crush, then we both watched a walk to remember. Then joey said i had to leave, so i got ready and then we left, lmao we all giggled in the car and such than i came home. pat loaded me and tiffs pix. so funny man. heh. then i basically played on the computer for the rest of the night. which was good. sometimes i lyke just being home alone. but i missed tiff. i think me and her are doing something tomorrow. cant wait. I also talked to dereck. man he pisses me off. he ims me asking me to im sarah(this girl hes in love with, not me) and asks me to tell her all this good stuff about him. man, that was SO boring. the girl sucks ass. she writes in this ugly font for crying out loud. lmao man, she was lame tho. she just kept saying kewl, or something dumb lyke that. i was thinking, why does he love this loser? lmao Jimmy told me that she looked lyke a dog. He was lyke, Sarah you are so perfect, and shes so not. And i was lyke im not perfect I BITE MY FINGER NAILS! hes lyke im talking about your apperance only. i was thinking thanks alot! gr. apperances mean crap. but man. i want dereck to want me. so that i can tell him he cant have me, and hurt him lyke he did me. ha! hehe
but i wrote bryan a letter tonight, i hope he lykes it. i really miss him right now. i cant wait for him to just come hoommmeee. poo. <3 i hope he didnt meet anyone =\ and i hope all is ok when he gets back. i miss him so much. gr. i love himmm

Saturday, August 16th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:9:38 pm.
Well yesterday tiff came to pick me up around 6 :) so we went to her house and we bummed around and decided to make prank calls lmfao that was SO fun man. i couldn stop laughing. well thennn we went to stop and shop and omfg! we dressed up as hillbillys lmfao we had a shovel and a hat and little things lyke that. and i go up to this guy and im lyke WHERE DO Y'ALL KEEP YA TURTLEWAX? lmao it was great. all these guys and little kids staring. it was kinda late too. then we got shopping cart and put SO many weird thhings in there, lmao rubber gloves, condoms that said twisted pleasure lmao diapers, tampons oh man it was great. then there was this old guy there and i was lykwe WHERES THE TAMPONS!!! haha man it was to funny. well then joey yelled at us, so i was lyke JOEY I WANT A FUCKIN ICE CREAM CAKE NOW! im your wife! then i was screamin im gonna tell everyone that you fucked an undeerage girl lmao and i was screaming it hah great shit so then were driving home and i was mad at joey Cause i diddnt get my cake so i saw two guys outside and screamed JOEY SUCKS DICK! lmfao then tiff did it to to some old guy walking, o man. and they all looked to, guess they were interested
so we get home and took a bunch of funny pix, lmao we were doin such dumb stuff, it was fucking awesome hah. then we decided to go back to stop and shop and take more pix, tiffs brother, joey didnt want us to go so he was jumping up and down crying like a baby, mind you, hes 20. lmfao. well so we get there and we get dressed up again and brandi takes pix of us. then we start walkin out and there was a group of guys standin around and we walked by, and iwas lye "Check out my slippers yo" cause i was wearin tiffs patrick slippers, lmao b4 that thy said " wow check out those girls" hehe brandi(tiffs brothers g/f) told us. we were lyke wo. lmao on the way out i walked up to this mannequin and grabed its balls lmfao it was great hahah. then we get outside and tiff put me in a carriage and spinned me around and then the hott guys come out and they were lyke lets race! lmao they were emo boyssss. so cute. then we played in the parking lot lmao and joey got mad hah it was funny well then those emo boys left than came back! i was lyke oh my! heh but we left lmao and we laughed all the way home. when we got home we watched our fav movie the new best friend. ah GOOD movie. then we both fixed our subbies, and we chatted with people and suxh. and tiff put a pad on her head. lmfao. fun times. then we watched some tv and fell asleep around 3 0r 4
we got up today at lyke 2. lmao and i woke and put a freezing cold water bottle on her tummy. haha SHE JUMPED! it was great. we talked about our dreams and such and then got up. then we watched tv and bummed around and such and made fun of things. then we were lyke lets make plans with people. so we asked jimmmyy and he said yeah ofcourse <3 heh so we get all ready and such then brandi drove us to doukin dounuts and we met up with jim. man hes so adorable! i love him hes so much fun. well so we walked around and we all talked and laughed. we went to the park! and to his school and i saw a hockey rink that i went to, to see bry play <3 <33 <3 i was lyke yay. lmao then a bug attacked me, lmao I SCREAMED SO LOUD i was so scared, i scared evveryone i think haha then a car was coming and i didnt see it and me and tiff screamd and jumped lmao we scared the crap outta him! then we went to the store and lmao there was lyke this asian dude working haha nd there was bongs! and jimm got so excited about this 12 pack of soda, hes such a dork! i love him, lmao b4 we walked in i was jokin with jim and i was lyke me and tiff have the best sex and this dude was gettin in his truck and looked lmao he looked lyke he wanted to watch! hah. then we were in the store and a put this huge pencil up jims buumm. hes so cute <3 then were walking home(jus me and tiff, cause jimmy had to go home) well we walked home in the dark and soo many guys beeped at us. we were so scared i was lyke oh my! then this black guy and old white guy were staring so me and tiff got scared and crossed the street, then the old guys yke " why you running away for" lmao we were lyke running away? us? nahhh. haha and lyke ran. then we got all these whisles and shit. whoa we got scared so we went in stop and shop to pee and then we kept tryin to call joey and tiffs mom to come and get us, we were waiting and this old guy was lyke "oh im sorry for scaring you but i thought you were someone else who use to work over there(he point) your attracive tho, i saw you earlier and i was thinking oh how nice she looks" man i was so creeped out! then some old fat guy was staring to =\ well we waited lyke an hour and started walking home and were singing songs. it was fun!! heh then her mom pickd us up and yelled. poo. then we went to mcdonalds and such and ate in the parking lot. lmao we had good talks in the car there :) tiffs so my best friend, i can tell that girl anything, especially when it comes to dsd lmao i looveee her so much xoxo then we came home, watched the other sister together, shes the one who first introduced it to me <3 heh so we said line for line haha and played out parts. then i took a shower, and now here we our, sucking on lolipops, lmao so ill go

Friday, August 15th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:2:55 pm.
i got up today at lyke 11, from the lawn mower cause alex was mowing the lawn. blah. i was crying to. i had a bad dream that bry died on vk and i didnt wanna go to his funeral. man i kept crying afterwards. i hate dreaming of that stuff! but anyway, i get up, and my moms in the shower, so i open the door and im lyke HIII mom! and shes lyke sweep the floor, then get dressed, were going shopping at walmart! woo. so i got dressed and sweeped and such. then i watched jerry springer with alex, and then we left. I told my mom i wanna go to the saves the day and taking back sunday concert with tiff, so hopefully me and tiff can go alone. im so excited. but we get to walmart and yeah. I got a new bra, cause my boobies keep getting bigger :( whoa. so i was lykeee mommmm. hah. then i got these really cute lace panties. there pink :] i loove them woop woop. i wanted this finding nemo poster. and my mom yelled no. and i felt dumb. and got sad. then she said sorry and i was lyke yay. heh. but i didnt get the poster. she said i had to many anyway. i only have threee? a faerie one, a strawberri shortcake one, and i have a kurt cobain one. so hmm. =\
but anyway, i got new socks. yay for socks. lmao this kid was dancing to the loca motion in front of me, my mom said he was doing it for me, i was lyke nooo. then i saw this girl tasha, that johnny and chance said was really pretty now, well i saw her and i was lyke hmm. her boyfriend kept staring at me, and she kept turning around and i'd look the other way =\ she isnt really all that pretty. i think she goes to my school now. well then i got a plant! of my very own. it has pink leafs! i love it, i think im gonna takie a picture of it to show y'all how cuuute it is :) heh. but then i got this little pink box thingy to put lyke hair stuff in. its cute. and i got my favorite purfuummm and mascra. and batteries for my camera ;) so overall it was fun. we got a new phone toooo! momma lyke. hah. and lets see.OH YEAH on our way out there was this kid and his uncle and the kid was buying condoms lmao and it was just so funny, wee were all joking around and such and they glow in the dark! and were all lyke HEY ATLEAST YOU CAN FIND IT! and wicked funny stuff lyke that. i was laughing sooo hard man. it was great. then i had mcdonalds. and tried calling tiff, =\ shes still sleeping, and its 3! im not surprised, but i hope were still on for tonight. my mom already said i could sleep there so i was lyke woo. heh
o and dereck imd me. hes lyke where are you? i think he misses me. we havent talked in lyke two days. he was in my dream last night to. it was weird. (this is the first dream i had, well i mean the first i can remember) I guess me and dereck were at the beach and we were joking and playing around in the water in this lyke mud pile and we found this picture of two vampires in there and such and on the back it showed there names and such and one was named bryan(the guy) and i looked at dereck and said HE HAS YOUR NAME! so i guess derecks name was bryan in my dream? i thought that was weird :( made me feel bad to that he ended up in my dreams. die dereck. hah. but then i had another dream that bryan was alittle furry creature and i took him eveyrwhere with me and such, and he'd cuddle up in my arms, and that i knew it was bryan and i talked to him and such and we went to a concert, and couldnt see the show. i thinl brandon was sitting next to me and i was explaining him the story. lol funny dreams i tell you

(Lies you've told)

Time:12:54 am.
i'v been thinking
today bryan left for vk for 5 days. and i personally was thrilled at first because we'v been fighting so much and bryan calls me every 5 minutes and wants to be with me all the time and it bothers me after everything i'v done that he STILL wants that. we hardly get along anymore so i told myself "sarah just give the relationship a few more trys" and you know what. i sit at home now. thinking to myself ofcourse... that i wish my phone would ring. and it would be bryan complaining about something else i did wrong. just lyke old times.i just miss him calling me every 5 minutes. and yelling at me. and i know that sounds stupid, but i miss him so much right now. and hes only been gone a day. i miss the way he gets mad that i dont wanna hang with him, or when i hang up on him after he annoyd me.right now i just miss it all. and i wanna work it out so bad that it hurts. i cant help but think about how big of a mistake dereck was. if i could, i'd seriously kill dereck for ruining what i had. everyone says it was his fault, but really its not. it was mine to. and im so mad at myself. because bryan forgave me and i'v been treating him lyke crap ever since. i need to fix this. yes ill fix this

Thursday, August 14th, 2003

(Lies you've told)

Time:9:42 pm.
Well so i went to workies tonight. i told everyone about my new gear :) oh my yes. heh i was pretty darn happy. but work was good actually. well kinda. i had a really bad headache =\ and plus i kept droping everything *dork* gah. but i talked to kittie, Chance, and sammy so i was all YAY <3 <3 Sammy and Kittie went in the bathroom to smoke, so i ran in there and screamed THIS IS A HOLD UP, and there was some blonde girl in there and she jumped haha and sammy and kittie called me crazy. i was pretty hyper. i was lyke all wooo. :) we were kinda busy *grr* so that part sucked but whatever. then i had cake. and it made me happy. and kittie put another piece in the box for me. happy happy happy me. <3 hehe. i really really miss tiff. alot man. i feel lyke shes my only real friend right now, and man i have the best time with her! i wanna sleep over her house tomorrow, so im hoping shes gonna call me tonight so we can make plans or something. if not, im gonna ask chris, or liz, or giselle. cause i miss them all to.
but im gonna take a shower, cause i stink. i had a bunch of beer spill all over me tonight. gross

(Lies you've told)

Time:4:03 pm.
Today i got up at 8. waited for bryan to call. and he didnt, so around 10:10 i went to bed. then bryan called at 10:30 and i was ha;f asleep and i told him to call layter, and just to go get his hair cut, cause i was so tired. well i couldnt sleep so i got up around 11 and watched tv with alex and such. Then i talked to bryan and i got ready to see him and such, then i walked in my moms room and she started crying, i was lyke momma you ok? she told me that our boss ray called her fat. im sorry to say this but my mom is definitly not fat! HE IS! man im so pissed off, he really hurt my moms feelings. man i hate him. and now i have to go to see him at work tonight again. grr. three nights in a row. im not happy at all. but so bryan came over for lyke 20 minites and we kissed and such. hes leaving for a cruise today =\ for 5 days. im heart broken that hes gone :( poo. but he was really upset with me cause we havent spent time together and my mom asked me to go shopping with her and i said yeah. and i guess he wanted me to go with him to his hosue so we could hang out till 2 when he gets picked up =\ but my mommy was really sad, and wanted me and alex to go with her. so we did. me and bryan talked two times on the phone when i was shopping <3 hehe see we missed each other. but lets see what i got. hmm i got, a new pair of dress shoes for school, they were 50 bucks, there really cutee! <3 i love them. then i got 5 new undies O.o i looove them. very cuute. I got a pair of black converse(sp?) shoes with these really cute star shoelaces! im in love with them! ah! then i got the cutest tinkerbell purse everrr and pins <3 <3 <3 then i got a piiinnk backpack lyke my old one. cause pink backpacks are the best
but i gotta go get ready for work! oh btw i go, guess who i saw at the mall? DUSTIN! i didnt say hi to him tho, cause for one he was working, and two, i looked really really bad poo. but i nneeeedd to get ready
i'll write tonight

(Lies you've told)

Time:12:52 am.
today i didnt do much at all. me and bryan went out for coffee and such and for a walkie, then i came home, i cleaned my room up more alittle bit then my mom called and told me that she needed me to work so i went in. it wasnt THAT bad, but i was pretty tired. i talked to chance and kittie and everyone else. it wasnt really bad. i didnt do anything for the first two hours. so it was ok. then bryan came and picked me up and he complained how we havent really spent time together and when i was trying to spend time with him, then he didnt even lyke pay attention, he just complained some more. it got me so mad. so i went home. then he called. and we got in a huge fight then i guess the phones died. so i talked to people online. dereck was one of them. i feel bad for him, cause the girl he loves doesnt love him. its just to bad her name has to be sarah to. cause all i hear is sarah sarah sarah and i think hes talking about me, then i realize hes not. and jsut wanna stop talking. he started talking about how beautiful i was, then he realized he was leading me and himself on and stoped. thank god. i couldnt take that. i talked to maffyew to. i love that kid so much <3 hes such a good friend. and i talked to chris. he made me feel good to. well then i decided to take a shower. that was nice. bryan called while i was in there. i got sad. but then he called back. and ca,me by my window. and we talked. man he looked sexy. i love him
but im gonna clean up some more, and watch tv. then im gonna go to bed. and wake up around 10 maybe. and im gonna takie bryan to get his hair cut. woo <3

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